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Basically we have two standard plans , for novices and for middlelevel-avanced players

Plan standard for novice (ranking < 1500) : 30 lessons


8 lessons about basic chess concepts, like central control, developement, attack and defense.a.

6lessons about basic chess endgames.

10 lessons to build a basic openning repertoire.

6 lesssons about tactics,

Finished this plan the student could continue with the plan for middlelevel-avanced players.

Plan standard for middlelevel-advanced players (ranking > 1500)

First part : 30 lessons

middlegame lessons

1- Good and bad bishop. fight knigth agaisnt bishop 1.

2- Fight knight agaisnt bishop 2

3- Fight knight agaisnt bishop 3

4- Pawn Structure 1 - bad and reasonable structures. basic concepts

5- Pawn Structure 2 - d5 weakness 1

6- Pawn Structure 3.- d5 weakness 2

7- Pawn Structures 4 - d4 isolated pawn and e5 pawn

8- Middlegame Different colour bishop

9- Strong Points

10- Initiative

11- Midlegame exercise 1 (the exercises consist in study example games, with questions for the student for review and affirm the stuffs.)

12- Midlegame exercise 2

13- Middlegame exercise 3

14- Midlegame exercise 4

15- Midlegame exercise 5

Endgame lessons

16- Pawn endgames 1 - basic

17- Pawn endgames 2 - main concepts

18- Pawn endgames 3 - triangulation

19- Pawn endgames 4 - corresponding square method

20-Rook endgames 1 - basic endgames and concepts

21-Rook endgames 2 -  more advanced endgames

22 -Rook endgames 3 - activity.importance

23- Different colour bishop endgames

24. Endgame exercise

25. Endgame exercise

Calculation exercises

5 lessons for practice middlegame positions calculation, calculate seriously positions and after discuss it with who knows good it. is a good way to improve the analytic capacity (can be calculated at home and discussed in lesson or directly calculated in lesson) some advices about calculation technique.

Second Part: 30 Customized Lessons

10 lessons for reviewing own student games, for controling and improving the manage of the middlegame and endgame concepts introduced in the first part of the plan.

20 Lessons for working in the openning repertoire.


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